Donate to Justseeds

Please! Thanks in advance.

Below is our current wants and needs list, please let us know if you can help with any of it!:

- Flat files (Pittsburgh, Portland, NYC, or Bay Area CA)
- Shipping supplies:poster tubes, tube caps (Pittsburgh)
- Free advertising space in your publication
- A storefront space in Portland, OR at a surprisingly affordable rate
- A good laser printer (Pittsburgh, or that can be shipped)
- A scanner with an 11″ × 17″ scan bed (Pittsburgh or NYC, or that can be shipped)
- Large paper cutter (Pittsburgh, or that can be shipped)
- Large etching press (Portland)
- Paper to print on!
- Pantone color books
- Silkscreen frames
- Silkscreen squeegees
- Rubylith
- Artist grade linoleum
- Ink for screenprinting and blockprinting
- Automatic screenprinting press (Montreal or Bay Area CA)
- Drying racks
- Historical political posters (for our NYC Archive, see Socialmovementcultures.org)
- Write an article about Justseeds for a magazine or blog
- Recommending our prints and posters to your local bookstore, craft store or infoshop
- Inviting us individually or collectively to speak or exhibit at your college or exhibition space

Please contact us about any of the above: info at justseeds.org