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Drawing all the time: Week 36

October 13, 2010

A drawing made for two billboards. This double billboard is sponsored by In:Site, a public art org in Milwaukee. You can see it going west on Capitol Drive (near 32nd st) in Milwaukee.


It is called Internationalocal and references the immediate area, which was once a location of 1000’s of manufacturing jobs and now contains vast open spaces and empty buildings. Many of these jobs were lost to manufacturers relocating, one example is Tower Automotive moving much of it’s production to Mexico. This area is struggling with poverty and unemployment, like much of Milwaukee, the fourth poorest city in the US, according to the 2009 census report.
This image also finds beauty in small groups of people performing tasks usually reserved for massive machines and major corporations.
See more images of the project, which includes a Row Boat Lookout Tower and a 18×48′ mural here.


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