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Film Screening in the Mission


For Justseeds readers in the San Francisco area, I came across this event on the FecalFace site!


An outdoor screening of The Last Zapatistas, Forgotten Heroes a documentary by Sarah Perrig & Francesco Taboada Tabone will presented by Artists’ Television Access and Workers International League
Thursday, July 24, 7pm
ar Carlos Club
3278 Mission St(& 24th)

barbecue and drinks, 8:30 pm showtime, free
The film is

is the chilling testimony of the soldiers who fought beside their General Emiliano Zapata in the 1910 Mexican Revolution.
Almost one hundred years later, these survivors of the legendary Liberation Army of the South reveal a truth not to be found in any book. They speak of the failure of the Revolution and of today’s neoliberal governments, of the agrarian and ecological disaster threatening their country and of imminent civil war if the Zapatista ideals they represent continue to be ignored.
These men and women are chapters of unjust history, abandoned wisdom, banners for Mexico’s underprivileged …. they are the Forgotten Heroes.

You can see the trailer over at the films website

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