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26 prints
19″ x 25″

Resourced is a portfolio of hand-produced prints organized and created by by the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative in 2010. It focuses on resource extraction and climate issues, and includes 26 artist prints, with screenprinted covers and front sheet, as well as a booklet with additional information (which also has a screenprinted cover).

For centuries now, industries have been mining the globe in search of raw materials that can be converted into profitable commodities, displacing innumerable communities and leaving in their wake toxic, hazardous, and ecologically devastated environments. While consumers experiment with greener lifestyles, the majority of the globe’s population is left to deal with the ecological fallout of industrial and technological “progress.” These are inequalities that only stand to increase as climate change and the unending capitalist pursuit of natural resources produce even more precarious ecologies. Already, thousands upon thousands of species are extinct or endangered, and millions upon millions of people have been thrust off of their land and into ecologically, politically, and economically hazardous conditions.

This is an “exhibition in a book,” a teaching tool, a collection of reproducible graphics for activists and organizers, and a dialogue starter for community spaces, schools, conferences, and galleries. It can be used to help ask important questions about our environment:

  • Who benefits from the extraction of natural resources and who pays the costs?
  • Are there viable possibilities for alternative energy sources?
  • Is it possible to distribute energy more equitably?
  • What does resistance to Western and corporate climate policies look like?
  • What role can workers in resource and energy sectors play in this resistance?
  • How does environmental devastation effect different communities along the lines of race, class, and gender?
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Other Artists
Armsrock, Tom Civil, Alejandra Delfin, Design Action Collective, Gaia, Jesse Goldstein, Juan Martinez, Keisuke Narita, Amor y Resistencia

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Resource Wars @ Lycoming College, PA

Resource Wars @ Lycoming College, PA


25 West Fourth Street
Williamsport, PA

“From the companies involved, to the communities most impacted, to the underpinning economic and political interests, there is a haunting mirroring between wars and occupations abroad, and resource extraction here…