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Anarchism Poster Pack

Various Artists

The twelve posters in this posterpack are representations of anarchist struggles over the past 100 years, from anarchist “heroes” like Emma Goldman to groups that were part of the Spanish Civil War, 60s radicals to the counterglobalization movement. You save $20 when buying these posters as a set!

1. Emma Goldman by Ben Rubin
2. Las Mujeres Libres by Cristy Road
3. The Durruti Column by Josh MacPhee
4. Sacco & Vanzetti by Josh MacPhee
5. El Hijo Del Ahuizote by Mazatl
6. Crass by Brandon Bauer
7. The Diggers by Erik Ruin
8. Up Against the Wall Motherfucker by James David Morgan
9. The Dil Pickle Club by Marc Moscato & Dean Rank
10. IWW Local 8 by Marc Nelson & Peter Cole
11. J18, or the Carnival Against Capitalism by Edd Baldry
12. Seattle: Direct Action Shuts Down the WTO by Nicolas Lampert



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