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Black Liberation Poster Pack

Various Artists

The twelve posters in this pack capture different historical moments in the struggle for Black liberation.
1. DRUM by Bec Young
2. Assata Shakur is Free by Laura Whitehorn & Molly Fair
3. The Haitian Revolution by Aaron Renier
4. Grace Lee & Jimmy Boggs by Bec Young
5. Audre Lorde by Katrina Clark
6. Walter Rodney by Josh MacPhee
7. The Underground Railroad by Sam Kerson
8. Jamaican Maroons by Damon Locks
9. Flint Sit-Down Strike by Dylan A.T. Miner
10. ILWU and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle by Blanco and Peter Cole
11. Amilcar Cabral by Josh MacPhee
12. James Baldwin by John Jennings