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I love to think about evolution, how it works, how it doesn’t work, and what it implies. Whenever I’m in NYC, I try to visit the Natural History Museum and spend hours in the Halls of Vertebrate Evolution, marveling at the ways that natural selection has found to solve similar problems through the vast reaches of time. I made this print to reflect that idea- convergent evolution, where creatures from completely different realms of life end up sharing a similar strategy- in this case, flight. Counterclockwise from top right, there’s a Peregrine Falcon, a very fast predatory bird (and thus a kind of dinosaur), a Manta Ray, a filter-feeding elasmobranch, and relative to sharks, a Pterosaur (slightly fanciful), part of a group of large flying lizards only very distantly related to dinosaurs, and a Lesser Long Nosed Bat- a mammal that pollinates night-blooming cacti in the Desert Southwest.



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Ape Portraits

Ape Portraits

January 5, 2011

Here’s a link to the site of photographer James Mollison, who has undertaken a great project of portraiture in Indonesia, Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo: Passport photographs of apes….