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Latina/os in the United States Poster Pack

Various Artists

The eight posters in this pack are representations of Latina/o struggles over the past 100 years, from Las Gorras Blancas in New Mexico to farm workers struggles in the 60s to the present to queer and environmental organizing.
1. Los Siete de la Raza by Fernando Martí
2. Sylvia Ray Rivera by John Gerkin
3. Youth Resistance to Immigration Raids by Jesus Barraza
4. Dolores Huerta by B. Cortez & B. Riley
5. Las Gorras Blancas by Pete Yahnke Railand
6. El Hijo del Ahuizote by Santiago Armengod
7. Vieques Libre by Dave Buchen
8. Primo Tapia de la Cruz by Christopher Cardinale