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We Are In This Together


Bees could get along just fine without humans, but it sure isn’t true the other way around. We need bring bees to the forefront, changing our focus to what sustains life.

This is the second edition of this print. The paper is a vegan parchment-esqe cardstock with darker specks throughout, and the white layer is opalescent.


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Honoring Sitting Bull

Honoring Sitting Bull

December 15, 2013

“My friends! Be strong…because me, I am nothing…” (Sitting Bull’s song, according to Cedric Good House.) Today is a great day to honor the life of Tatanaka Iyotake, popularly known…

Honoring Henry Morgentaler

Honoring Henry Morgentaler

May 30, 2013

A stalwart advocate of reproductive choice, Doctor Henry Morgentaler worked as an abortion doctor and activist since the 1960’s. Despite threats, protests, attacks, shooting, firebombs, arrest and imprisonment, Morgentaler took…