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Recent Journey-Argentina

November 12, 2007

I recently traveled to Argentina and Chile. My intention was to travel more in Chile and not Argentina, so I only spent 4 days in Buenos Aires before taking a bus over the Andes Mountains. In that time I got a glimpse of the stencil art that graces the walls of B.A.


Similiar to other Latin American cities, I am familiar with, political slogans and sayings were painted everywhere. But traditional aerosol graffiti was kinda sparse.
I got to check out the FLA, Federacion Libertaria Argentina, an anarchist organization that has been around since the 30’s! They have, what they say is, the largest anarchist archive in the world. Publications from so many countries, Israel to Japan, spanning over a hundred years. They also house an incredible library, an infoshop, a large “auditorium,” a silkscreen workshop, and publish their own paper, El Libertario. In the time we spent there, I interacted with the most diverse age group i ever have, in an anarchist space. It was an incredible and inspiring environment to be in.


I was also able to attend an “orgazmica” before I moved on to Chile. Its much like the Really Free Markets that we throw in NYC, some films showing, free stuff, hanging out, and some folks slinging products they make.
I got just a tiny taste of Buenos Aires, hopefully I will be able to go back in the future to explore more.

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