This is an "exhibition in a book" – a teaching tool, a collection of reproducible graphics for activists and organizers, and a dialogue starter for community spaces, schools, conferences, and galleries. It can be used to ask important questions about the environment:

  • Who benefits from the extraction of natural resources and who pays the costs?
  • Are there viable possibilities for alternative energy sources?
  • Could the energy produced be more equitably distributed?
  • Under what labor conditions is alternative energy produced?
  • What does resistance to Western and corporate climate policies look like?
  • How does environmental devastation effect different communities along the lines of race, class, and gender?


2010 Just Seeds Portfolio
Santiago Armengod Armsrock Kevin Caplicki Tom Civil Alejandra Delfin Design Action Collective Dignidad Rebelde Alec Icky Dunn Molly Fair Thea Gahr Gaia Jesse Goldstein Nicolas Lampert Josh MacPhee Juan Martinez Colin Matthes Keisuke Narita Roger Peet Jesse Purcell Favianna Rodriguez Erik Ruin Shaun Slifer Chris Stain Meredith Stern Mary Tremonte Pete Yahnke Bec Young Amor y Resistencia