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White Walls Say Nothing Argentina Graffiti Documentary

October 26, 2012

Graffitimundo is an organization in Buenos Aires. They are producing a documentary about art and activism called White Walls Say Nothing.

Here is some information about this film from their own words:
“Whilst the street art of Buenos Aires is visually arresting and the prevalence of graffiti and propaganda intriguing – it is the history of the city walls that have made the scene and its story so compelling. In a city which has spent a century living in the shadow of brutal state repression and economic crisis, people have found their voice through public expression. In the current climate of global uncertainty, Argentina’s story has never been more relevant – a country that consistently rises from the ashes of its ruin, a collective voice that refuses to be silenced. This film will be an inspiring testament to resilience and the power of expression.”
They are raising funds to finish producing the film through a Kickstarter.

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