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2009 Create Change Public Artist Residency Program

January 7, 2009

The Laundromat Project is a community based arts organization committed to the well-being of communities of color living on low incomes. We understand that creativity is a central component of healthy human beings, vibrant neighborhoods and thriving economies.
Applications are due by February 20, 2009


Every year our Create Change program invites artists to mount public art projects in laundromats throughout Brooklyn and Harlem as a way of increasing the quality of life in communities of color living on low incomes.
Artists who participate in the Create Change program are able to use their creative practice as a vehicle to build relationships with and among their neighbors. They are charged with placing art-making in the context of everyday living by:
* producing a site-specific, socially relevant installation at a laundromat in their neighborhood
* engaging neighbors and fellow laundry patrons as participants in their creative process;
* increasing their own visibility as an artist and a neighbor
Program participants receive a stipend and a materials budget to complete their Create Change project; professional development and access to a supportive network of colleagues; as well as opportunities to share their work with a broader public.
To learn more about the Create Change program, download an application and get answers to frequently asked questions by visiting
Tel::718 574 0798 Mail::c/o 275 Macdonough Street Brooklyn, NY 11233


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Ridin’ Dirty

Ridin’ Dirty

April 14, 2009

Got caught on camera ridin’ dirty over the weekend… check out these dirty pictures!!! (read below for much more)