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Pre-sales for the 2020 Justseeds Organizer are NOW!

May 31, 2019

UPDATE: We reached our Kickstarter goal! Thanks so much to everyone who donated and pre-purchased. If you didn’t hop on board with our Kickstarter, you’ll have a chance to buy an organizer this autumn, timing TBD but guaranteed to be early enough to start planning 2020…

You asked for it! Clamored, even! And we listened!!
We’re bringing back the popular, beloved and crucial Justseeds/Eberhardt Organizer!
We know it’s summertime and next year feels like a lifetime away, but it will be here in the blink of an eye. Pre-purchase your organizer now and get a jump on your to-do list, it will show up in the fall to take away any stress you might have about planning for your winter.
We take pride in our organizer and do not cut corners. We work with the independent printer, Eberhardt Press to make sure that it’s:
– sturdy enough to hold up to daily use
– an uncluttered design for you to easily plan out your life, and
– the prints are beautiful and will bring you joy throughout the year!
True: We are a dedicated cooperative of artists working together for change against the odds. Projects like the Justseeds Organizer cost a lot of money in upfront production, and pre-selling is our creative way to keep this popular project available and affordable! 

It is all or or nothing: we need to reach our up-front production costs or we won’t be able to produce this project, so we’re offering some sweet
perks for folks who are willing to donate a little more towards our goal!


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One comment on “Pre-sales for the 2020 Justseeds Organizer are NOW!”

I would like to be able to purchase a 2020
annual organizer. The larger unit that is a working daily tool.
Please put me on your mailing list when it becomes available to order.

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