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3 Rivers, 6 Rings, 19 Libraries, No Less!

November 19, 2009


The latest in the Sustain Pittsburgh Public Libraries saga…this bit of cheek comes from the brilliant mind of my library collaborator, harnessing the Steeler spirit. I silkscreened 100 of these last night and hope to do another run soon. You can contact me at mary @ to get one, they are free! The City of Pittsburgh will be voting on December 14th on funding for the libraries that will make or break the four scheduled branch closures, and staff cutbacks from happening. Contact the mayor and your city councilperson and tell them to support our libraries!


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One comment on “3 Rivers, 6 Rings, 19 Libraries, No Less!”

I completely support keeping the libraries open, but…
The irony in this sign is just too much to not laugh about.
I guess none of those libraries contain any books on proper grammar, eh? 😉
(It should be “NO FEWER!”)

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