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A Gold We All Need

September 25, 2020

Our friends at the Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project are having an online art auction and fundraiser for the important work they do at Stateville Prison. A number of Justseeds prints are featured in the auction/fundraiser titled a A GOLD WE ALL NEED.

Check it out.

A GOLD WE ALL NEED is a fundraiser for the art and humanities project Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project. For the past 7 years, PNAP has been leading courses and think tanks at Stateville prison; organizing events and exhibitions in communities across Chicago and beyond; and working closely with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated folks and the larger abolitionist community to imagine and build a world that values education over punishment.

The name A GOLD WE ALL NEED comes from teaching faculty Dr. Tara Betts’ introduction to Unchained Words by Cell Block Poets, a collection of poems by PNAP students:

“One day I brought a CD with Nina Simone songs that echoed into the hall, bold and resonant. We listened in silence and the sun poured into the windows like a gold we all needed to wear that day. Why would we need such a treasure? I will say that even the darkest places let us get a glimpse of light.”

Support the effort here:

Police & Prisons

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