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ACLU suit to challenge isolation prisons

June 25, 2009

As a follow up to the piece we directed you to that Daniel McGowen wrote for the Huffington Post, here’s an article from the LA Times about a lawsuit the ACLU is filing regarding the Control Management Units, one of which Daniel is being held in. Here’s the beginning of the piece, click on the link at the end to go to the LA Times to read the rest:

ACLU suit to challenge isolation prisons
Civil rights activists question the transfer of inmate Sabri Benkahla to a federal facility that drastically limits outside contact.
By Dean Kuipers
June 18, 2009
Civil rights activists plan to file a lawsuit today contesting the transfer of a Tunisian American prisoner to a federal prison facility that some inmates have dubbed “Little Guantanamo.”
The suit by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Sabri Benkahla could be the first of many challenging the secretive units, which drastically restrict outside contact.
Benkahla was transferred to the Communications Management Unit in Terre Haute, Ind., in 2007, eight months after his conviction on perjury and obstruction of justice charges in a terrorism case. Prosecutors contended that he lied to a grand jury about his contact with an alleged Al Qaeda fundraiser and other terrorism suspects.
The Terre Haute unit opened in 2006. Another began operations last year at the federal prison in Marion, Ill.

read the rest here.


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