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Amazing Detroit Window Art

January 24, 2008



Seeing Nicholas’ post of that Chicago project reminded me of this- one of my favorite street art projects in Detroit- or ever, really…. This is, I believe, the old United Artists theater building downtown. Some artist(s) painted almost every window with these amazing figures in a unique style. Also a smattering of more traditional graffiti and politico scrawl. All, sadly, long gone by now.
Anyone with more information about this or the artist(s) involved, please please leave a comment!
Photo by my sister, Rebecca Reuland.


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One comment on “Amazing Detroit Window Art”

although the art is long gone the artists are not.
smaller similar versions of the United Artists work exist in the Cass/Woodward corridor and elsewhere.
the United Artists work was removed so that the owners could make it more presentable for sale. anyway, if anyone is interested in this story there was an article in the Metro Times around the time this much loved work was destroyed.
street art here is on the rise & not that it was in fact a good article, but two weeks ago 1/16/08 in that same weekly ran a piece about stenciling, titled “Drawing Outside the Lines”.

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