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Amazing! (Kevin)

March 4, 2014


The ongoing blog series where I ask Justseeds members for five things that have been inspiring them lately. This one from Kevin Caplicki from NYC:


I printed a two-sided, CMYK screenprint on 22″x30″ bristol board for artist Juan Fontanive. He makes flip-books and made me really proud to help produce his work after seeing his previous works
one of my faves
I recently went to see The Refusal of Time installation by William Kentridge at the Metropolitan Museum of art.
It is a sculptural piece with a 30min audio and video loop which takes up an entire darkened gallery room. I am continuously inspired by Kentridge’s animation. Now I am impressed with the placement of “megaphones” to transmit the audio in this piece. He and his collaborators are mastering the use of music and sound which accompany the videos. As a result of this piece and the gallery exhibit, that Erik Ruin spoke of previously, I am very curious about kinetic sculpture and animation- I hope to take the chance, and play in these mediums, someday.
Another incredible printmaker Brett Groves, whose work I just encountered, from the group exhibition Make Shift at Foliolea f, in Brooklyn. His envelopes are gorgeous prints of a ubiquitous object that are impeccably registered and printed. I stared at these for quite awhile.
The 20th anniversary of the Zapatista uprising.
I have been heavily influenced by the resistance of the EZLN and its support comunitities of southeastern Mexico, ever since I was a teenager. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many communities in Chiapas where I was able to do solidarity projects and paint murals. Some of my longest friendships have been forged through supporting the Zapatista cause. A manifestation of Zapatismo that I am most recently proud to participate in is La Autonomia es la Vida collaboration between the ECPM68 and Justseeds. The ECPM-68’s production of 25 years is also an inspiration.
I really love photography and am always inspired and encouraged by my BFF-
Sugar bombing
that’s them


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