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Amazing! (Melanie, Roger, Icky)

October 12, 2013


Welcome to the inaugural edition of a new series in which I ask the Justseeds collective members to list five things that have inspired/amazed/blown-them-away in the last month or so. Here are the lists from Melanie, Roger, and me!


Amazing! Fantastico! Top 5 for Melanie
1. Seeing folks gear up the cultural organizing strategy for this action in Arizona to shut down Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
2.Listening to an old favorite. The Mexican punk band Tijuana No covers The Clash’s “Spanish Bombs”
3.Meeting the badass poet from Fort Mojave, Natalie Diaz
4.Reading Our Enemies in Blue (revised edition) to sharpen my analysis of and position on police
5. Watching Dr. Cornel West on Culture and Arts when I need a pick me up. Dr. Cornel West speaks about Art and Culture in a Social Movement.

Roger’s Top 5
1. Watching this video of a siphonophore, an oceanic colonial organism. The tiny windows of confused people at lower right are priceless.
2. The Biodiversity Library’s Flickr feed is chock full of amazing creature illustrations.
3. Adam Curtis’ All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace– the story of how technology ate us. All three episodes of this documentary will blow your legs and head clean off your body.
4. Die Antwoord’s Baby’s on Fire video. Watch it again, if you haven’t before, and then watch it AGAIN.
5. Venue’s interview with aerial photographer Michael Light.

Amazing! top five for Icky
1. The Rebellious Nursing conference in Philadelphia was absolutely re-energizing and inspiring.
2. Artist talk by Zanele Muholi at the Carnegie Museum of Art was awesome! (and I hate artist talks usually)
3. Erykah Badu’s song “Soldier” has been stuck in my head for a week.
4. ‘I [heart] dirty pussy!’ confrontational/sex-positive graffiti all over Pittsburgh
5. Editorial illustration work by Eleni Kalorkoti


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