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An invitation to take part in ‘Excessive force’ comix anthology

August 12, 2009

Last Hours is preparing to release our first comix anthology this autumn, alongside another autumn surprise, both of which will be followed by Last Hours issue 18 in November! But for now, we’re opening up the invitation for people to participate in Excessive Force (or Police everywhere, justice nowhere – we haven’t made a final decision!)
Check out details here:


We’ve decided our first anthology will be based around the police with the working title ‘Excessive force’.
The purpose of the anthology is to show what the problems with the police are. This can take many forms, from how ineffectual they are when you actually do dial ‘999′, to being stopped and searched, hit over the head at a protest, suffering racial or sexual prejudice, or being hassled whilst skating with your friends.
We’d like the anthology to express how alienating police tactics are, and how frustrating it is to deal with them. But we also hope the anthology will show where individuals, and communities, have organised to resist police repression.
We’re looking for stories about the police, predominantly from people’s day to day experiences with them, but also fictional or historical narratives about them. We’re looking for stories that range from 2 pages to 12 pages (though if you have a story idea that you think will be longer let me know and we can work it out!) The anthology will also contain a couple of articles written from a historical perspective of the police in the UK, and advice for people if they encounter the police.
The ambition for the Last Hours comix anthologies is that they be beautiful artifacts that make people think as well as highlighting independent comic and narrative illustration creators.
The specifics
The anthology is going to be 176mm x 228mm sized, which is half way between A4 and A5. Artwork should be 158mm x 210mm so that it has space to breath on the page.
The deadline for content is September 25th. If you’re interested in taking part it’d be good to know before then though!!
The artwork will be black and white, with a CMYK, soft French fold cover. The book will be perfect bound on 120gsm paper.
The aim is to print the anthology for mid October, in time for the London Anarchist Bookfair, and to and have it in the shops in mid November. The initial print run will be 1,000.
The profits from the anthology are to go to two grassroots, anti-authoritarian organisations working in the UK. The groups are Legal Defence and Monitoring (, a group that helps people know their rights against the police and supports those who have been arrested at protests, and FIT Watch who monitors, and subverts, the police’s use of surveillance and intimidation.
If you have any contributions or questions please get in touch with sty


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