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Anti-Colonial Indigenous VIsuality

January 18, 2010

Last week I uploaded my recent article on sneakers, masculinity, consumption and radical politics. Hopefully a handful of people trudged their way their the writing to uncover some insightful ideas. This week, I am sharing a book chapter that was recently published on the rhetorics of the Américas. In short, the book is about the multiple ways that Indigenous and Latina/o citizens throughout the Western hemisphere communicate with one another.
For my contribution, I use the revolutionary thinking of Frantz Fanon and Louis Riel to situate my arguments about Indigenous ways of seeing and ways of making art. By and large, the essay is based around Louis Riel’s famous quotation: ‘My people will sleep for 100 years and when they awaken it will be the artists that give them back their spirits.’
As anti-authoritarian and aboriginal artists, I cannot think of any more central function of our work then re-invigorating and and re-establishing our collective spirit and humanity.
Download the article here. Since the PDF is a scan, the download may take awhile…so be patient.


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