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AOUON Mystery Posters

January 3, 2010


Archivist Lincoln Cushing has been doing the painstaking work of combing through and cataloging the All Of Us Or None Poster Archive, and we’ll all be the better off for it when we have access to this massive and impressive collection of left political posters. He’s been hitting a couple stumbling blocks along the way in terms of sussing out the origins of some of the posters, and hit on the smart idea of calling on our collective braintrust to fill in some of the blanks. He’s put up a page of “mystery posters” on his website, which you can check out HERE, both to see cool posters, but also offer help in deciphering the origins of these images. Bookmark the page, as Lincoln will be adding posters as he needs help figuring them out.

The poster shown here has cool artwork by cartoonist Spain Rodriguez, but does anyone know what the “May 5th Legal Defense” was for?

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