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Armed with Art: A New Revolution is Necessary – Art & Resistance in Mexico Film Short

June 13, 2011

Covering contemporary art movements across Mexico, Armed with Art examines the integral nature art plays in creating cultural spaces of resistance and change.

A great short film about various collectives, currently in Mexico. Focusing on collectives spawned by the APPO social movement in Oaxaca in 2006 to Zapatista support collectives of D.F.
These are artists that have worked, tirelessly, for the movement. It is fantastic for this piece to be translated to English and allow their efforts to receive greater exposure.

In solidarity with many artists in Mexico, we exhibit, display, and sell much of the work that finds its way across the border.
Check out

Refugio Solis

“La Solidaridad Es Nuestro Derecho (Solidarity is Our Right)”
Nos Vemos en 2010: Zapata y Magón


Emiliano Zapata
¡Que Viva Zapata!

Rafael Baca

Nuestro Mas Hermoso…

Escuela de Cultura Popular “Martires del 68”

Acteal #6
Acteal #3


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