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Art against borders

November 7, 2005

Brandon Bauer sends word of an open call from the International Network of Artists in Resistance:

In 2006 may the people rise with spray paint, voices, street theatre, stencils, drums, paint brushes and all other tools of creative resistance to let the world know that we will not stand for more borders to be constructed around us!
The first day of action will commence at midnight on January 1, 2006, the 12th anniversary of the passing of the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Zapatista Uprising.

Download the flyer here. From the sound of the sound of the call, this seems like more of an “open-source” project than a strictly definded campaign. In other words, it is what you make of it, so anyone with any interest, drop a line to info[at] to find out how to get involved.


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One comment on “Art against borders”

Speaking of art against borders. The “Three Cities Against the Wall” Art Show opening is most excellent. I highly recommend that you check out the artwork during it’s one month exhibition run that runs through December 8, 2005. It has artwork constructed from various mediums. From video installations to watercolor to large scale paintings and beyond.
Their new website is at

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