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Aujourd’hui pour moi demain pour toi/Today for me tomorrow for you

February 12, 2013

Our comrades in Quebec are working on a film about the Ecole de la Montagne Rouge, a graphics collective that formed during the student strike last year. They are fundraising for some post-production costs. Help them out in their Indiegogo campaign it ends Wednesday, February 20th. Here’s the trailer:

For his first documentary film, Maël Demarcy undertook to follow L’École de la Montagne Rouge, ever since the beginning of the student strike in spring 2012.
This documentary sheds a different light on the events that shook Quebec in the spring of 2012. Filming was spread out on more that 8 months, from the beginning of the student protest until the provincial elections. The proximity to L’École de la Montagne Rouge during the demonstrations and the reflection periods enables the film to weave an enlightened portrait of a youth in the midst of creativity and in a process of politicization.

Maple Sprint put Quebecois youth on the forefront. Aujourd’hui pour moi demain pour toi attempts to discover and analyse the strong link that bonds politics and creativity.
We discover L’École de la Montagne Rouge, a collective of graphic design students who banded together during and for the strike. We accompany this group of young creators in their politicization. A politicization that is revelatory of the awakening of Quebec’s youth. La Montagne Rouge will serve as a factory and laboratory to create a visual footprint for the protest movement. We will understand how, in a context of social claims, creativity can put itself in the service of a cause.

The EdlMR collaborated with Interference Archive last August on Avenir in sort of a residency, where they spent 72 hours installing an exhibition of their work and produced new materials that they hoped to use in struggle. Much of that activity was documented and will appear in the film!

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