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Banner drop in Downtown Phoenix – Stop SB 1070!

July 29, 2010


Major Props to fellow activists and artists for this action they did today in downtown Phoenix. “In a daring act of civil disobedience in downtown Phoenix this evening, at least four activists occupied a tall crane near Central Avenue and Jefferson Street and deployed a huge banner that read “Stop the Hate,” with red lines crossing out “287(g)” and “1070,” reported the Phoenix New Times.

In their message, the group said some powerful words:

We came to Arizona to support those at the epicenter of one of the largest human rights crises of our time. We join Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Cardinal Mahoney, and an outraged global community in denouncing SB 1070 in its entirety.

We know a partial injunction is not a solution for the people already
living under Sheriff Arpaio’s terror, the day laborers who will be treated as criminals, or the communities soon to see their police enforcing immigration laws.

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One comment on “Banner drop in Downtown Phoenix – Stop SB 1070!”

WOW! In my 30+ year career in banners and signs I have never seen such a display. Those guys must be very skilled, brave,or crazy!
I’d give it an A+ for creativity.