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Benefit poster for Katrina victims

September 12, 2005

From the Northland Poster Collective:

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina we have produced a poster (by Northland artist Ricardo Levins Morales) that seeks to capture the sadness and the anger that this moment calls forth. the poster will benefit relief efforts by way of the Southern Partners Fund. Based in Atlanta, the fund has relationships with grassroots groups throughout the region and is governed democratically. They are able to respond to needs as they arise in the full range of affected communities. Please take a look at this image and pass along word of it to others who may appreciate it.

Nothland is a great resource for posters and other political art, see Ricardo Levins Morales’ Katrina memorial poster here. Remember too that you can contribute directly to grassroots organizations doing on-the-ground work with hurricane victimes here.


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One comment on “Benefit poster for Katrina victims”

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