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Best of 2014 Sounds of the Week

January 14, 2015


Welcome back to Sounds of the Week!, the musical musings of members of the Justseeds artist cooperative. For this installment I asked fellow seeders for the sounds that inspired them in 2014, not necessarily things that were released in 2014 but sounds that caught their attention or were the soundtrack to their work. Luckily at least one person was up for the challenge. Here we have a top nine list from Alec Icky Dunn.

Hi Pete:
In response to your solicitation, here’s a top 9 of new music for me. enjoy, Icky:
Good Throb: Blistering, druggy, punk from the UK:

Marisa Anderson’s take on Bella Ciao encapsulates a century of defeat, rage, triumph, sadness. An awesome new take on a classic tune of the left.

Rae Sremmurd: Southern weird kids.

Total Control: Australians wandering further up the valley of the synth, but it’s a dark and scary valley.

Household: Skeletal, meandering, postpunk from NYC:

Irreperables: bilingual lo-fi political punk from the UK.

Ike and Tina (really just Tina and the Ikettes), an oldie, but new to me. I think the slower, studio, version is better, but this is a rad video- for research only.

Brute Heart (Mpls). Also not new (2010), but I just caught up with this year, so, again, new to me. I love this song, moving and grounding at the same time.

00100: Music that I find to be indescribable, except to say percussive (ex-Boredoms for reference).

OOIOO – UMO from Shoji Goto on Vimeo.

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