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Betye Saar, Lezley Saar, and Alison Saar

November 25, 2008

I just got a rad book from the library called “Family Legacies” and it is about the art of Betye and her two daughters Lezley, and Alison Saar.







Their artwork expresses ideas about gender, race, sexuality, and identity. Assemblages, mixed media, paintings, and sculptures. I am totally amazed. Contemporary artists who are rockin it!
My favorites from the book include:
“Rise Sally Rise” by Alison Saar, “Me, myself, and identity crisis” by Lezley Saar and “Black Girl’s Window” by Betye Saar.

Betye’s website:

Lezley images:

Alison images:


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2 comments on “Betye Saar, Lezley Saar, and Alison Saar”

Wow, I’m familiar with Betty and Alison’s work, but I’ve never seen Lezley’s work before. Very cool.
I was able to pick up a weird little exhibition catalog of Betty’s Aunt Jamima-inspired assemblages a couple years back, powerful stuff, and a good example of attacking/reclaiming a “brand” in a thoughtful and interesting way…

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