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Bike Lane Debacle

December 11, 2009

Creative NYC bike advocates repainted a bike lane removed from Bedford Ave. a couple days back, and the video of the action’s been posted:

I guess a couple of them were arrested later, but I’m unclear whether the arrest was related to posting the video on youtube or not. I also just got this in the inbox:

Time’s Up! Bicycle “Funeral Procession” & Vigil for Bedford Ave Bike Lane
Sunday, December 13, 2009
2pm – Meet on the Brooklyn side entrance of the Williamsburg Bridge
3pm – Ride will end at a Vigil for the bike lane at Bedford Ave & Wallabout St

Join Time’s Up! Bicycle Clown Brigade in a New Orleans-style bicycle “funeral procession” as we mourn the removal of 14 blocks from our beloved Bedford Avenue bike that was ripped out from under us.
Well meet at 2pm at the entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge and ride through the Williamsburg bike lanes, ending 3:00 pm at a vigil for the Bedford Ave bike lane at the corner of Wallabout Street & Bedford Avenue.
Non-cyclists, bike lane supporters are encouraged to join us at 3:00 pm at the vigil to draw attention to the danger cyclists face without safe, protected bike lanes.
Harnessing the power of the cycling community & supporters, we will end the vigil with a mock ceremony to resurrect a section of the missing bike lane between Flushing & Division avenues in South Williamsburg.
Mayor Bloomberg is pandering to motorists who prefer free parking over safe bikes lanes for Williamsburg’s large cycling community and back peddling on his promise to green the city. We need to join together to tell him bike lanes need to improved, not removed!
Dressing for the occasion is optional but strongly encouraged.
For more information go to:


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