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Billionaires for Wealthcare

September 22, 2009


The Billionaires for…. are a street theater group that have been present during the election cycles of the last ten years. Here’s some media pieces about the Billionaires current adaptation.

The latest incarnation of the “Billionaire” meme, “Billionaires for
” struck again this weekend, as Healthcare Inc. CEOs in tuxedos and gowns “thanked” Tea-baggers for coming out for Glenn Beck’s March on Washington from Sept 12th. Tea-baggers eagerly joined in on Billionaire chants of “Bring Back Bush!” and “Fight Socialism! Abolish Medicare Now!”, but the greatest crowd pleaser (and provoker) of the day, was a stirring rendition of their original song “Let’s Save the Status Quo” sung to the tune of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” and memorably captured in this music video:recently featured by Rachel Maddow.

Of course there’s a Wikipedia entry about them, if you’re curious about reading more.

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