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Black Tuesday and the 1912 Waihi Strike

August 25, 2009

Jared Davidson of the Garage Collective in New Zealand has just posted this short video about early labor history in NZ. It’s a nice short piece collaged from historical photos, documents and narrative:


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One comment on “Black Tuesday and the 1912 Waihi Strike”

“the company” brings in non union workers, finds them easy during such hard times. the company this and the company that and the Divide and Rule lives on and seems to win, but no, we awaken and realise that, a people united will never be defeated must also mean, no, wait, can it mean we must unite with ALL SLAVE WORKERS who have the shackle on?
instead of kill the working class who are even more down the line, still to feed families, yet, worse off then working class, they are the working poor, that grwoing number.
scabs. instead of kill the scab, how about kill the boss? ignorance is stupid. heck, lets avoid death altogether and really GET united, you nimrod elite, WAKE UP before its too late!
we are all going down if we don’t ALL wake up!

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