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Call for donation of art.

April 13, 2011

HAVEN: an art auction to benefit the Montreal Native Women’s Shelter
For their 3rd annual art auction, our friends down at the Ste-Emilie Skillshare would like to recognize the front-line work of the Native Women’s Shelter. Every hour of every day, they support women and families that must constantly deal with the ramifications of an on-going colonization. Until recently, the Shelter offered cultural healing through the Aboriginal Healing Foundation. The 2010 federal budget, however, cancelled the funding to the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, closing this project and over one-hundred others from coast to coast.
In the past, our auctions have benefited the Tyendinaga Legal Defense Fund, the Olympics Resistance Network and the Forum Against Police Brutality, three campaign-oriented groups. This year, we would like to highlight the critical role direct-support work can play in our movements. The Native Women’s Shelter is a perfect example of how people can survive and struggle together.
Artists and non-Artists:
We are asking for donations of art (and non-art) in any format. We prefer work with an anti-colonial or Indigenous sovereigntist message, but anything that is aligned with Ste-Emilie’s mandate of anti-oppression and self-representation is much much appreciated.
The auction will take place Friday, May 6th. Net proceeds from the auction go directly to the Shelter.
To submit a piece of art or a proposal or for more information, please contact:
phone: 514.848.7583
mail: 3942, rue Ste-Émilie / Montréal, QC / H4C 2A1


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