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Celebrate People’s History 2: Jamaican Maroons

June 20, 2012

This week lets take a deeper look at Damon Locks’ poster” Jamaican Maroons Fend Off the British!” Locks is a Chicago-based artist and musician, and a lot more of his work can be found HERE. This is what he has to say about his poster:

When asked to participate in the Celebrate People’s History project, I was eager to get to work and join in the dialogue Justseeds has started (and continues). In our daily lives, we get so many messages thrown at us at every turn. We are constantly encouraged to improve the speed of receiving this information. I for one have looked to slow down this process for clearer and deeper absorption of content.
The result of this high speed chase is that meaning and context is lost or deemed unnecessary in most forms of information we receive. Building community on several levels, the Celebrate People’s History project seeks to reveal and distribute information, art and design in a straightforward and direct manner. Art and context…what could be more useful and lovely?



This piece was influenced by my love of reggae music. When learning more about the history of Jamaica I learn of these events. Some of my favorite classic 60’s reggae records have bad registration and have this quality that incorporates accidents and other things that might be deemed wrong. I have always taken that to heart and try to stay open to the magic of what might be considered sloppy or unfinished. Thanks for reading.
Spread the word. Make some art.

Damon’s poster can be purchased for only $4 right HERE! You can check out all the Celebrate People’s History posters HERE.

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