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Checkpoint Street Theatre – The Occupation of Palestine at Middlebury College

January 22, 2014

One of the great aspects of going out on the road on a book tour has been learning about a host of activist art projects that had not yet crossed my radar. I met Jay Saper in Philadelphia a few weeks back who sent me a link to a video and an article that documents a street theater action that he and others did at Middlebury College in Vermont as part of the student group Justice for Palestine at Middlebury College. This past May – during finals week – they staged an Israeli checkpoint on campus to push for divestment and to showcase the daily brutality of apartheid in action. Here is a video that documents the performance and an article written by Saper with the choice quote from one of the campus police officers who broke up the creative action while saying, “This is not theater; we can tell it is political…Everything that is political has to be approved by the college.” And one wonders why oppressive power structures remain in place, both here and abroad. Much respect to the student group Justice for Palestine at Middlebury College for raising awareness towards the issue and the divestment campaign and for harnessing creative resistance into their tactics.