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Citybikes Mural in Portland

July 24, 2011

I got a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council to paint a big mural on the Citybikes Annex building at 8th and Ankeny in Portland; here’s a picture of the projection and tracing crew! For more images of the design, go here.


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5 comments on “Citybikes Mural in Portland”

Wow, looking awesome Roger! When I heard you were doing the mural I dug around on the Citybikes website and couldn’t find anything but a disappointing sketch. This, on the other hand, is super impressive. Can’t wait to see the finished mural, please post images!

Glad to see this corner getting a facelift.. Hopefully the mural I painted for KBOO can help this mural make a good statement for the neighborhood.

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