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Coming Home exhibition at Antioch College

July 15, 2013


Justseeds friend, frequent collaborator, and IVAW organizer Aaron Hughes sent me these images of an installation that he created about drones. His work is part of a veteran’s exhibition at the Herndon Gallery called Coming Home.
The exhibition runs until August 16th and includes recent work by veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who work with Warrior Writers and Combat Paper, two organizations that provide a safe space for veterans to express their experience in war and returning home through creative writing and visual art.

Veteran artists represented in the exhibition are: Chantelle Bateman, Drew Cameron, Toby Hartbarger, Amy Herrera, Aaron Hughes, Kevin Kilgore, Ash Kyrie, Iris Madelyn, Robynn Murray, Jennifer Pacanowski, John Turner, and Eli Wright.
Here are more images from Aaron Hughes:






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