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Critical Mass Art: An Update

April 22, 2005

Critical Mass
A reminder and update about Visual Resistance’s Art for Critical Mass call: we’ve got 5,000 stickers coming next week, just in time for the April ride. We’ve got a half dozen posters in our gallery ready to be downloaded, printed, and posted. And we’re just getting started.
We need more poster and stencil designs, and we need to hear from you folks about getting this out — and up! We will be distributing our stickers at the next ride, and are starting to print posters and get them distributed. But we’d like this to be an ongoing effort over the spring and summer, using the images you design to help support Critical Mass rides and speak out for the right to free assembly.
Send your designs, plus any ideas, suggestions, or tips to us at visual.resistance [at] Feel free to spread the word, print some posters, cut stencils, and let us know what you think.


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One comment on “Critical Mass Art: An Update”

Hi I am a bicycle artist living in Toronto.I have been making bicycle
art for over 10 years.I would like to submit some bike stencils that I
have designed.What is your deadline for submissions?Also I do
my work the old fashion way, by hand, I cannot email images, could I
send my submission through the mail.I would need an addresse to
send in my submission.
If you want to see some samples of my work go to this is from an art show that
I was just in.
Anyway I hope to hear from you all!!!! thanks janet Attard

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