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Daniel McGowan show preview: Borf

July 13, 2006

BORF probably needs no introduction for most VR readers. One of the most original, prolific, creative, and witty voices to come out of the street art movement, Borf had an incalculable impact on Washington, D.C.’s street scene until his arrest last July. Barred from possessing spraypaint or other “graffiti implements” as a condition of his parole, Borf is using new techniques to make art.
Borf has two pieces in the show: an oil painting of an nighttime urban street scene, and the briliant 10-color screenprint pictured here. What I love about this piece is how it distills the sense of joyous rebellion (or righteous mischief) that runs through all of Borf’s best work, from his cryptic tags, to his oversized stencils. It’s great to see Borf moving onward and upward after a long and difficult year.
Things to look out for in the future include a July 29th “video communique and street party,” part of a collaboration between Borf and the Graffiti Research Lab. Download a flyer for that event here.
This is the fourth in a series of previews from the July 27-28 beneft art show If They Come for You in the Morning. For more on Borf, see our March 2005 interview.


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