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Deep Dish TV Holiday Sale

December 14, 2009


Deep Dish TV is doing some fund raising which includes a 50% off sale on their DIY Media Series: Movement Perspectives.
The following is from their email:
2009: Deep Dish TV continues its 23 year commitment to using new technologies to produce and distribute video that educates, inspires, and- most importantly- activates. If there were any doubts that this country needs a robust and far reaching independent media network, it should be dispelled by the latest round of doublespeak and distortion that justifies the continued occupation of Iraq and the military escalation in Afghanistan.
Deep Dish TV provides FREE independent, critical programming to public access TV stations, satellite TV, and streaming online on YouTube, Blip TV, Facebook, and of course Please support our work by making a donation or by purchasing DVDs as a gifts for yourself or your friends and family.

**Waves of Change is a multi-part series that documents community media around the world (radio, TV, theater, murals, comics, etc) as resistance to commercial culture, celebrating community expression, but also looking at problems of sustainability, difficult interactions with political power, the stressful and sometimes dangerous lives of media activists, and cooptation by commercial interests. Visit the Waves of Change Blog. It is an important node for community media world wide. Over 200 posts provide information on global actions around media issues, production and distribution projects and ideas, and reports of threats to freedom of expression worldwide.
**Iraq: We Had to Destroy the Country in Order to Save It. As the government and corporate media attempt to sanitize the escalation of the brutal war in Afghanistan and have tried to make the U.S. war on Iraq invisible, we are producing a follow up to our award-winning 2005 12-part series on the Iraq war: Shocking and Awful- A Grassroots Response to War and Occupation.
**The Cameroon Project- Deep Dish TV has sent a crew to Cameroon and is sponsoring a powerful documentary film on the destructive impact of the World Bank financed pipeline that carries oil from Chad through Cameroon to the refineries of Europe and the U.S.
*Deep Dish collaborated on the production of the highly entertaining and provocative television series The Last Televangelist featuring performer-activist Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping. The series aired nationally on Free Speech TV and will soon be available as a DVD series.
*Deep Dish TV producer Brandon Jourdan was in the mix as U.C. Berkeley students took over campus buildings to protest tuition hikes and layoffs across the University of California system. Watch the video that he collaborated on with David Martinez and Andy Stern by clicking here.
*Former Deep Dish TV board member Alex Rivera premiered his new film Sleep Dealer at the Sundance Film Festival and to wide critical acclaim in theaters across the country.
*Waves of Change producer Victoria Maldonado participated in a major plenary panel at the Our Media conference, where she discussed Networks as a primary means of understanding the future of communications and the new world which is possible.
Over the years Deep Dish TV has worked with thousands of artists, producers, videographers and editors to create and distribute hundreds of programs that expose the misuse of power, and highlight the work of people fighting to make this wounded planet peaceful, just and equitable.


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