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“Democrazy” film seeks support

March 17, 2014

In 2009 a film was released called “BOGOTÁ CHANGE” about Antanas Mockus’ work as Mayor of Bogota. He then ran for president in the 2010 elections.
These filmmakers have now created “Democrazy.”
From the filmmakers: “Antanas Mockus ran on a wave of hope, a ‘Colombian spring’. But his candidature was squashed by lies, fraud, and corruption. 22-year-old Katherin Miranda was the youth leader in the campaign. Disappointed by the big blow, she directed her energy towards the systemic corruption in Colombia, towards the forces that made it possible to steal an election. Katherin is the narrator of the film, growing from a young idealist to an experienced, yet still highly idealistic, politician.”
This documentary is seeking support at this link:

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