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Digital Security for Activists

August 4, 2009


I don’t know where Justseeds would be without Using the beta version of Riseup’s Crabgrass software, sort of like a car crash of a wiki, facebook and google apps, has allowed the 23 of us, in a dozen different cities, to functionally maintain multiple and simultaneous conversations, decisions making processes, critiques, and idea generation. It makes online conversations and decision making amongst decentralized groups possible, opening all kinds of opportunities for new offline organizational development. If you haven’t checked out Riseup lately, drop by their website and see what they are up to.
But what I really want to promote here is a cool new e-zine they’ve put out called Digital Security for Activists. It can be downloaded from this page HERE, and is well worth the read. Here’s their own description of it:

Here at the Riseup Collective Headquarters, we have just completed collecting personal stories and practical advice about digital security and online organizing. For activists, by activists.
It is all in our new, 60 page zine, which is full of daring tales of adventure and geeky narratives about how we can protect and advance our movement.


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