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Disperse!: The Official G-20 Megamix Extravaganza

October 2, 2009

To go along with Mary’s posting about media coverage at the G20, here’s an awesome remix of the police order to disperse, heard in the streets of Pittsburgh during the G20.

Thanks to whomever put that together. Its funny cos I was just listening to WFMU the other day, and heard a song called Resist. It was a DJ remix of a very popular Radical Cheerleader chant during the anti-globalisation hey-day, by Plastique Du Reve f/ Radical Resistance Cheerleaders.

R-for revolution
E-for everybody
S-subvert the system
I- ignite debate
S-we’re gunna smash the state
T-we’re gunna tear it down
I heard it on Sound and Safe with Trent – September 28, 2009 on


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