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Drawing All the Time : Week 50

June 15, 2011

I have been in Antwerp, Belgium this month, enjoying many of the benefits of a country that values cultural production in much more tangible ways than I am used to. In comparison Milwaukee (and Wisconsin in general) feels pretty rough around the edges.
It seems like life is gonna get a bit tougher in Wisconsin before it gets better, I’ll be back and resisting in Milwaukee next week. Until then feeling like Antwerp is a second home and having an opening at Artspace Leguit, (Leguit 23) on Friday, 17 June, 18.00-23.00hr. If you are in Antwerp stop by. Jams by DJ’s Rufus Mich and Tina Schott.
This is an image of the wall drawing I finished last night:


If you want to see more images check out my flickr


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