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Eberhardt Press needs our help

March 16, 2018

In the rapidly-gentrifying and deeply self-satisfied cultural landscape of Portland, OR, there are few political institutions with any lengthy history of integrity. One of those is our colleague Charles, who runs Eberhardt Press. Eberhardt is a small publishing house that creates beautiful and radical offset and letterpress printed objects, and Charles produces extremely affordable work for a host of local radical efforts, including small publications, record labels, and more. He also co-creates the Justseeds/Eberhardt Press Organizer, along with Justseeds artist Roger Peet.

Charles and his shopmates have just been blindsided by a two-week eviction notice from an out-of-town developer who bought the property their shop sits on after the previous owner, a very community minded landlord, passed on. They’ve issued an immediate order of eviction, and Charles and his crew (including t-shirt printer Chris Strickland of Printed Matter, and record label Devout Records) are scrambling to find somewhere they can move their operations. The frenzy of property speculation and overbuilding-with-rising-rents that is currently engulfing Portland )and most cities on the West Coast, and beyond) can’t be allowed to swallow up this durable, radical community institution. They’ve set up a Kickstarter, and we encourage you to give generously, and soon. We need to defend the institutions that we have, if we’re going to have anything to refer to as we build the new world that we want.



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