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Boots On The Ground @ West Virginia Mine Wars Museum


West Virginia Mine Wars Museum
336 Mate St
Matewan, WV 25678

Justseeds member Shaun Slifer works as the Creative Director/Graphic Designer at the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum in Matewan, WV. This winter he’s been working with historian Chuck Keeney on the museum’s first new exhibition since they opened in 2015. Boots On The Ground: General H.H. Bandholtz & Federal Troops on Blair Mountain examines the role of the US Army during the Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921, and how the federal government eventually brought military force down on the side of the private extractive coal industry and against the largest civil uprising on US soil since the Civil War.

The exhibit features never-seen real-photo postcards of troop encampments during the Battle of Blair Mountain alongside personal military gear that belonged to General Harry Hill Bandholtz, the Army commander responsible for leading federal troops in forcing the armed, striking coal miners to surrender.

Exhibit will be on display at the museum throughout the 2019 season.

exhibition design by Shaun Slifer & Chuck Keeney, PhD
artifacts on loan from the collection of Doug Estepp
reproduction photos from the collection of Kenneth King
typeface design by Nick Crockett