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Justseeds Open House @ 3rd Annual Babyland Holiday Sale


490 Melwood Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

We’ve been shipping orders from Pittsburgh since 2010, but we’ve just moved our distribution office into a great new space. Come visit the shiny new, well-organized Justseeds office at the burgeoning Bloomcraft building in Pittsburgh! We’ll be hosting our first Open House event during the 3rd Annual Babyland Holiday Sale. “Babyland” is a collective artists’ studio space that is currently merging into the Bloomcraft building, and features some really great, really creative makers-of-things. Justseeds will be in good company in the coming years!

They’ll have tables set upĀ in the nascent Glitterbox Theater starting at noon. We’ll be in our suite, #201, right around the hall. We’ll have plenty of new stuff, old stuff, books, and even free stickers. And we’ve got an excellent stash of offensively discounted Scratch n’ Dents – prints that look great but have little bends and creases in them that we can’t sell online!

Also on deck: Justseeds member Shaun Slifer will have a little table set up with some handmade wares from his new side project, 8 Bells Scrimshandry!

Bloomcraft is at 460 Melwood Avenue in North Oakland, right up the street from the venerable Pittsburgh Filmmakers. You can’t miss the giant colorful butterflies on the front windows.

Check the flyer below, and email the folks who run the Justseeds office for more info: