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“Everything that the earth gives will be contaminated…and it will be like that for thousands of years…”

March 27, 2011

ENGLISH VERSION of Tenemos Todo y Nos Falta Todo from Palabra Radio on Vimeo.

A short video about a community in Southern Mexico organizing resistance to future mining projects. They have set up a valuable tool: a community radio station to disseminate information to the surrounding areas. Radio is an incredible resource for indigenous communities and their resistance to the insatiable industrial system. While the video makes the usual activist media mistakes (like presuming viewer awareness), I encourage folks to further research.
The CRAC is a community police force and alternative justice program. I was fortunate enough to visit one of their assemblies, years ago, and witnessed successful attempts to create a system that responds and is accountable to its constituents. Anyone interested in restorative justice and incarceration alternatives should explore what these municipalities are doing in Guerrerro, Mexico.

You can learn more – in Spanish – at:
There is some information in English as well:
Here is a paper from 2003, in English, called:
Local Responses to Public Insecurity in Mexico, click to download pdf.
Mexico is a country with sharp contrasts; from the heinous violence attributed to drug cartels to community policing and self determination. I find inspiration in projects such as these in the face of such adversity. I hope you do too.


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