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Folks I hope will rub off on me

January 14, 2008

I am blessed by a gigantic network of people that span the whole world, practically all continents included. There’s even the Anti-Santa from Antarctica that once subletted my ro- (I dont live in a full room). Yet he totally trashed it left beer bottles under my bed, soiled my sheets, gave away all my records, never did the dishes, and moved onto the couch when I came back. Practically like most traveling oogles that end up crashing at your house. (I’m sorry to all whom I was that vagabond)

As for other folks I’ve been fortunate enough to meet, whose work I admire, have politics and compassion I have affinity for, there’s Armsrock from Denmark,
and Basco in Santiago, Chile.
They are incredible people, both with their own perspectives on politics, and differing motivations for making street art. I only put them together in this post because of the impression they have made on me.
GIve em a look.
Photo taken by me, in Santiago, Chile

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